What causes Sciatica?


The Sciatic nerves can be compromised by skeletal complications where they emerge in the lower lumbar. Wear and tear of discs and vertebrae, misplaced, slipped or protruding discs can all pinch the nerve as it leaves the spinal column. However, complications in the soft tissues through which the nerves travel on their way to the feet are a far more common cause.
Lifting awkwardly, sitting for long periods of time at a desk or behind the wheel of a vehicle will stress the soft tissues in the low back and buttocks causing them to contract as they try to protect themselves. Not only are the muscles themselves sore but over a very short period of time they aggravate the large sciatic nerve as it passes
through them.
There is then a situation where the patient has muscular pain in the low back and buttocks from the soft tissue followed by a drilling ache from the nerve itself which can appear anywhere along the tract of the nerve and in severe cases along it’s entire length.

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